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Australian Mathematics Competition Test Date & Time

Australian Mathematics Competition Test Date & Time

Test Date : 27 July, 2017 Thursday

Test Time : start at 4;30pm

(Kindly present by 4:10pm in front of Jungsang Education Centre)

Test Duration :

Middle, Upper Primary ( Grade 3 to Grade 6) 4:30~5:30 (60minutes)

Junior Division(Grade 7 to Grade11) 4:30 ~5:45 (75minutes)

What to bring along :

Passport or IC Card, Eraser, Pencil, Calculator

Test Format : Total 30Questions( 25 Multiple choice questions, 5 open ended questions)

About Awards:

Prize – Students above the 99.7 percentile

High Distinction – Students between the 97 and 99.7 percentile (Between 95 and 99.7 percentile for senior division)

Distinction -Students between the 80 and 97 percentile (Between 75 and 95 percentile for senior division)

Credit – Students between the 45 and 80 percentile (Between 40 and 75 percentile for senior division)

Proficiency – Students below the 45 percentile who have a satisfactory score (at least 32 but may sometimes be lower)

Test Venue : Jungsang Education Centre

Contact us: 6467 0626

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